Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So this Saturday at 1pm is Columbus' annual corporate sponsored Pride Fest, whose sponsors include: Bud Light, the Hampton Inn, American Family Insurance, Target, Time Warner Cable, State Farm Insurance, Macy's, Fifth Third Bank, and drumroll please... Starbucks coffee. You know, just to name a few.
Bash Back says Fuck corporate pride! End gay assimilation! Us queers won't be relegated into some pro-capitalist 'free' market bullshit.

Being queer is about a lot more than shacking up with a same sex partner and begging the state for approval, and it certainly has nothing to do with assimilating ourselves into a system of 'free' markets that keeps queers, people of color, womyn and the working class under the thumb of bosses and corporations. Being queer is about re-defining and creating new spaces free from ALL OPPRESSION.

So with that in mind, we invite other radical queers to queer up the pride march with us!
Bash Back! will be at Pride Fest to pass out our 'Barf out your Corporate Pride Bags' Please feel free to reprint and distribute our little leaflet as you please as well, which is posted below. And show up in your finest pink and black!

"Hey Gurl,

Listen honey, i just want to know when the hell did the “gay agenda” get
so tragically boring? i don’t know about you, but my queer wet dreams
didn’t involve going off to war and then settling in the suburbs…has our
liberation movement really come down to this? Really? Also, don’t you
get just even a weensey bit tired of all the hetero muzak blasting in
the supposed “gay” clubs? i’m queer for a reason – i get enough of the
straights at work. Is it asking too much for “our community” to support
queer artists? Tired of whoring yourself out on craigslist cuz you can’t
afford to go to the bath houses/sex clubs.. oh wait.. there’s only one
left… shit… what ever happened to sex in public anyway? And don’t even
get me started on HRC! Those bitches are just Hindering Real Change -
you can’t dump the “T” in LGBT and say you’re MY advocate!!! If you find
the gay-main-stream / Short North as tired as Laura Bush’s ensembles –
then i say BASH BACK sugar!"


  1. Welcome to the fray!
    - bb! denver

  2. I didn't even know a bb columbus existed. who are you? when do you meet? are you organized?

    get back to me. i'd be down to help.

  3. You guys should focus on confronting stuff within the radical community in Columbus, specifically the transphobic/queerphobic/sexist/genderqueerphobic stuff that goes on at Cbus IMC and with Arawak City Radio Tower.

    PS. Stay strong, if I ever move back, I'd love to know there are some awesome radical queers doing shit in my town!

  4. Hey faggots! Why are you tring to ruin our society with your homosexuality and so on. If you think that you are going to take over central Ohio, you are sadly mistaken. I have lived in Ohio for 21 years and the past ten years I have noticed a steady increase of your kind of scum and if you ask me, I am disgusted. So take all of your Liberal, Commiunist, faggot ways and shove it up your ass!!!!! NSM Ohio Uhrichsville 44683 P.O. Box 211

  5. YOu guys are all sick and have a problem indeed. You are a true terrorist gang and will not be tolerated here in columbus or anywhere. We will be out to protest you and not like you, we will not be a gang and try to act like a violent thug gang.

  6. Is there any plan/hope of being an organized presence for the HRC/Stonewall C'bus bullshit pride event? Any info would be appreciated.